2011 Confirmation Letter
(a downloadable version can be found at the bottom of this page)

Confirmation of Performance
Please read the enclosed documents carefully. Make note of the materials that need to be
returned prior to the Festival and those that you need to bring on your performance day.

1. Performance Schedule
Please see the attached CRMF schedule for your ensemble’s performance time. The CRMF schedule is final, and labels, certificates and the program are under construction. Although most ensembles were scheduled on the day requested, a few of the latest-arriving applications could not be scheduled on the indicated preferred performance times due to those days already being full. Performance times may not be “traded”. No refunds will be issued.

All ensembles must report to the Registration Desk 45 minutes before their scheduled performance. Participants will proceed with their Festival guide to the instrument storage area, and then the warm-up room. About 5 minutes before their scheduled performance, the Festival guide will direct the ensemble to the stage door. Any time used on stage in excess of the scheduled 30 minutes of performance time will be deducted from the clinic. Following the ensemble’s performance, the Festival guide will direct them to the clinic room. Following their clinic, the ensemble will proceed to the Photo Station. From the photo station, the Festival guide will escort the ensemble to the instrument storage area to pack up. Ensembles will be able to leave equipment in the supervised storage area only for the time during which they are in the warm-up room, stage, clinic room and photo station.

2. Performance Set-Up
Please fill out the appropriate ensemble setup form for your ensemble, make 4 copies and hand them in at the registration desk when you check in prior to your scheduled performance time. Jazz ensembles must also complete a solo order form (included in this package) and submit it at the registration desk.

3. Scores
All Concert Bands/Orchestras must provide three Conductor Scores of each non-syllabus performance selection; list piece scores will be provided. All Chamber Ensembles and Jazz groups must provide one score of each piece to be played. These are to be handed in at the Registration Desk at check in. PHOTOCOPIED SCORES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED BY FESTIVAL STAFF, unless accompanied by a letter of permission from the publisher.

4. Director’s Package
Directors will sign for their ensemble’s adjudication package at the registration desk at the conclusion of their photo session. The package will include: two written adjudications and a CD adjudication. Also included will be the ensemble’s CRMF Certificate of Performance (with rating), and all conductors’ scores. Other items could include sealed Director’s Comments from an adjudicator, materials from sponsors, etc. The first four Director’s packages on the first day of the Concert Band Festival and on the first day of the Jazz Ensemble festival will be delayed at the request of the adjudication panel to ensure an accurate baseline for the rest of the festival.

5. Ensemble Bios & Honour Nominees
Please download from the CRMF website and complete a bio sheet for each of your participating ensembles, and fax it to the CRMF (fax # indicated on form) by February 1, 2011. Directors who fail to submit an ensemble biography by the deadline will not receive an introduction by the MC.

Directors should recommend one Honour candidate for each participating ensemble. Each Honour Nominee will receive a certificate, which will be presented immediately following the ensemble’s stage performance.

To register your Honour Nominee, please e-mail Andrea Lypchuk (andrea.lypchuk@ocdsb.ca) the following information by February 1, 2011:


6. Scholarships
The deadline to apply for any scholarship is Friday, February 4, 2011. Please check the initial registration mailout or the CRMF website for further details. Concert Band scholarships will be determined through a live audition process (location and date/time TBA). Scholarship presentations will be made at the Festival. Jazz scholarship winners will be determined by the adjudicators during the Jazz Festival weekend, but applications must be submitted by February 4, 2011.

7. Spectator Admission Fees
Directors are reminded to inform their supporters that all adult spectators must purchase a $2 weekend CRMF pass. Separate passes must be purchased for the Concert Band and Jazz weekends. Students (18 years of age and under) will be admitted free at all times.

8. Repertoire
Concert Bands are required to perform three (3) contrasting selections: a Festival syllabus piece and two (2) contrasting own choice pieces. Orchestras must perform a program of contrasting material and styles. Chamber Ensembles must perform two (2) contrasting selections. All Jazz Ensembles must perform three (3) selections, one of which must be a ballad. New as of 2008: It is recommended that all Jazz Ensembles perform a Canadian composition; see musicfestcanada.ca for the Instrumental Jazz Syllabus of suggested material. In all classes, pop material is inappropriate.

9. Equipment (Please read carefully)
For all Concert Band/Orchestra/Chamber Ensemble classes, ensembles must bring all instruments and equipment other than specifically provided by CRMF as follows:
  1. Warm-up Room: chairs, music stands, bass amplifier.
  2. Stage: chairs, music stands, gong, chimes, xylophone, concert bass drum, vibraphone, digital piano, drum set (no snare drum, high-hat, ride or crash cymbals, no cymbal stands). bells, bass amplifier (multiple inputs). Four tympani (23”, 26”, 29”, 32”) will be available. No substitutions for the aforementioned equipment is permitted.
  3. Clinic Room: chairs, music stands, bass amplifier, four tympani (23”, 26”, 29”, 32”), concert bass drum, bells, xylophone, gong, drum set, vibraphone, digital piano, chimes.

CRMF will not provide: snare drums, cymbals, mallets, beaters, sticks, auxiliary percussion, keyboard instruments or other equipment not listed above.

For all Jazz classes, ensembles must bring all instruments and equipment other than specifically provided by CRMF as follows:
  1. Warm-up Room: chairs, music stands, electric piano, bass amplifier, guitar amplifier, drum set (no snare drum, high-hat, ride or crash cymbals, no cymbal stands).
  2. Stage: chairs, music stands, electric piano and amplifier, bass amplifier, vibraphone, guitar amplifier, drum set (no snare drum, high-hat, ride or crash cymbals, no cymbal stands). Substitutions for the provided equipment are not permitted; the bass drum pedal and drum stool may be substituted; keyboards may be added. CRMF will not provide cymbals, cymbal stands or snare drum.
  3. Clinic Room: chairs, music stands, electric piano, bass amplifier, guitar amplifier, drum set (no snare drum, high-hat, ride or crash cymbals, no cymbal stands).

N.B. Ensembles are responsible for transporting all of their own equipment from the warm-up room to the stage and from the stage to the clinic room.

10. Food
Directors are asked to inform their students and parents that there will be a comprehensive food concession stand on-site at CRMF during non-school hours (weekdays) and on weekends. The Earl of March cafeteria is not available for groups to eat in, as it is too close to the clinic room. There will be no extra classrooms available for eating purposes. If you must bring dinner or lunch with you, box lunches would be most appropriate, or you may buy lunch or dinner from our canteen outside of school hours. Please do not have food delivered to the school, as they do not have the facilities or custodial staff to accommodate this.

11. Photo Booth
Directors are asked to remind their students and parents that Musicfest Canada’s Official Photographer, Hazel Maciborski (Professional School Portraits Ltd.) will be on-site for the entire festival. Both group and individual photos will be available for purchase as lasting keepsakes of their CRMF experience. The ensemble photos will be engraved with the CRMF logo and the year. No other cameras are permitted anywhere near the photo booth.

12. Equipment Storage
Equipment storage is only available from the time of registration (see #1 on page 1) until the conclusion of the photo session. All equipment must be removed from the storage room at that point. CRMF is not responsible for any damage in, or theft from the storage area. There will be no extra classrooms available for storage purposes.

Jeff May,
Oct 29, 2010, 2:55 AM