Fee Structure
Single Entries:

Concert Bands/Orchestras $225

Chamber Ensembles* $175

Jazz Ensembles $225

Jazz & Dixieland Combos $175

* Chamber Ensembles are allocated 20 minutes on-stage and a 20-minute clinic.   All other ensembles are given 30 minutes on-stage and a 30-minute clinic.

Multiple Entries:

Registration fee is $225 per ensemble for the first three ensembles (chamber ensembles are not applicable) per school.  The fee is $175 for the fourth ensemble and beyond. 7-12 schools are viewed as two separate organizations (7-8, 9-12) in terms of the multiple ensemble fee structure.  

Payment Procedure:
All registrations must be made through the www.crmf.ca website. Entries will be processed only upon
arrival of a cheque for full payment. Post-dated cheques will not be accepted. Once registration has been confirmed, no refunds will be issued. 

Cheques made payable to
“Capital Region Music Festival” and sent to:

Kim Vrieling 
1-391 Tillbury Avenue,
Ottawa.  K2A 0Y3

The fee structure listed above is an Early Bird rate.  Any applications received after the deadline (December 21, 2018) will be charged at the Early Bird rate plus $50 per ensemble.

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Regional Coordinator
2019 Online Registration Form

Ensemble Category
and Class Guide

(All age designations are as of Jan. 1, 2019.)

Concert Bands Classes:

Concert Bands must perform one selection from the 2019 MusicFest Canada Concert Band Syllabus (www.musicfest.ca). Although it is not a CRMF requirement, all Concert Bands are strongly recommended to perform a Canadian composition and a lyric piece at CRMF; NOTE: At MusicFest Nationals, these are mandatory requirements

B100 B200 B300 B400 B500 B600

N.B. Class numbers reflect the grade level of the test piece being performed (see the MusicFest Canada Syllabus for test pieces*). * available at St. John's Music Ltd., 1541 Merivale Rd., Ottawa K2G 5W1

Orchestras/String Orchestras
Orchestra: 25 or more performers in which string instruments are complimented by brass, woodwind and percussion instruments
String Orchestra: 12 or more performers on string instruments

O101: No age restrictions
O201: 21 years of age and under
O301: 17 years of age and under or registered in Grade 12
O401: 14 years of age and under

Chamber Ensembles

Chamber Ensemble: 3 to 9 performers of brass, woodwind, string and percussion instruments; Chamber Ensembles must perform two selections of contrasting style.

B101: no age restriction
B201: 20 yrs. of age & under
B301: 17 yrs. of age & under
B401: 15 yrs. of age & under

Jazz Ensembles

Jazz Ensemble: 9 to 24 performers with 'standard instrumentation' is recommended (up to 12 brass, 6 saxophones and 6 rhythm). Any deviation from the standard will be judged on its musical merit. Performance of a Canadian work is recommended; see musicfest.ca for the Instrumental Jazz Syllabus of published Canadian jazz repertoire.

Jazz Combo: 2 to 8 performers, including vocalists. Improvisation is highly recommended.

Trad. Jazz Combo: Repertoire performed in the style of the early 1900's. Suggested (Dixieland) instrumentation: tuba/string bass, cornet/trumpet, trombone, clarinet, saxophone, rhythm.

A101: University or College Ensemble, no age restriction

A102: Community Ensemble, no age restriction

A201: Single High School Ensemble, 20 yrs. of age & under

A202: Community Ensemble, 20 yrs. of age & under

A301: Single High School Ensemble, 17 yrs. of age & under or Grade 12

A302: Community Ensemble, 17 yrs. of age & under

A401: Single High School Ensemble, 16 yrs. of age & under or Grade 11

A402: Community Ensemble, 16 yrs. of age & under

A501: Single High School Ensemble, 15 yrs. of age & under or Grade 10

A502: Community Ensemble, 15 yrs. of age & under

A601: School or Community Ensemble, 14 yrs. of age & under or Grade 9

A701: School or Community Ensemble, 13 yrs. of age & under or Grade 8

World Music category (new)

W101: No age restrictions
W201: Ensemble members are a maximum age of 20 years

W301: Ensemble members are a maximum age of 17 years, or are registered in Grade 12
W401: Ensemble members are a maximum age of 15 years