March 7, 2021

The Capital Region Music Festival will be run virtually for 2022 with registration opening the week of March 21st.

The Festival is now complete!

Participating directors, please consider sending us your feedback using this survey!

Thanks - we'll see you next year!

2022 CRMF Virtual Festival Update

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unimaginable challenges for many band directors and their students.
Our hope is that we can help schools rebuild their programs by offering a virtual festival that gives band directors a number of options to inspire their students.

Choices for the Festival

  • Ratings will be given to bands this year, should the directors wish to have their bands rated. The ratings will not be published anywhere, and only communicated directly to the band directors.

  • We want to encourage band directors to use the No Rating option for this festival if they feel that the rating system will not be useful in providing positive motivation for their students.

    Normal repertoire guidelines for the festival need not be followed by bands not receiving a rating for this year. However, band directors are encouraged to play a diverse selection of music to provide the best opportunity for constructive feedback.

    Most bands are significantly behind as a result of the pandemic restrictions, and the goal of the festival is to provide positive opportunities for students.

  • Band directors may choose a clinic only option in applying to the festival. The cost for this option will be lower.

  • Band directors are encouraged to explore how the festival can be a part of regular music classes as well. Chamber Ensembles are more than welcome at the festival, and the World Music category provides a multitude of opportunities for ensembles without wind instruments.

Festival Timelines

  • Directors Should submit their videos by April 29th, in order to facilitate the scheduling of clinics before the end of the school year.

  • Band directors requiring longer timelines should feel free to reach out to Stephen Szabo ( and every effort will be made to accommodate those requests.

Recording Details

  • Band directors should submit video recordings of their ensembles

  • Wherever possible, minimal use of microphones (ideally 1 / stereo pair) is prefered

  • A single camera should be used, and wherever possible, the whole band / director should be visible in the video

  • Every effort should be made to create a live performance atmosphere without cuts

  • Only bands performing in the same space at the same time will be eligible for ratings

Access to Technology

  • Every effort will be made to provide equitable access to recording technology, either through partnerships with other schools, or with the assistance of our corporate partners


  • In addition to feedback from the adjudication panel, each band will receive a ONE HOUR clinic, to be scheduled at the convenience of the band director and adjudicator

  • Local adjudicators will be prioritised for the festival to provide as many opportunities for in person clinics as possible.

  • Band directors are also encouraged to explore new repertoire in their clinics, in addition to the music submitted for the festival adjudication.